We have a selection strategy designed to meet a common goal: to offer you the best genetic potential for your breeding, that responds both to the expected technical-economic performance and to your working comfort.

AXIOM is committed on different levels in order to best meet the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s society and thus satisfy the entire swine industry:


Our selection based directly
on animal behavior

The “well-being index”: an exclusive AXIOM innovation that enables the selection of sows and boars with the best behavior for optimal working comfort.

Our commitment to
animal welfare

• Participation in the European working group COST GroupeHouseNet: the aim is to prevent tail biting and prevent tail docking (tail cutting), substantial for the breeder. Tail docking is no longer performed systematically in some AXIOM breeding farms.

• R&D projects carried out in-house on boar taint, AROME and NO CAST. The long-term objective: to offer genetic responses to the production of entire males.

Representation of the
French birth systems:

AXIOM has committed its use of the different breeding systems in its selection farms, thus guaranteeing the breeder quick genetic progress in the productive farms.

Research on demedicalization

A thesis, that is currently being carried out in-house, will enable us to fine-tune our selection in order to obtain more sturdy and resilient animals, which will save time and cost for production workshops.