From left to right: Mélanie, Nolwenn, SCEA JOSSE employees, Pascal and Christine JOSSE, AXIOM breeders.
On September 3rd, the official launch of the new AXIOM boar took place at the SCEA JOSSE, AXIOM’s breeder.

On the occasion of the launch of VALENS, a press conference was organized at the SCEA JOSSE, in Augan, Morbihan.

This event brought together several representatives of the agricultural press as well as the I.A. Station, Genes Diffusion and Yxia, where VALENS doses are now available for sale.

This day was an opportunity to highlight both the strong points of the new boar, and also the breeding of Pascal and Christine JOSSE, one of the production sites of VALENS.

VALENS, a balanced boar that improves on all criteria

This new boar has been specially designed to meet the main requirements of the French market, based on a “criterion by criterion” selection approach and not on an overall genetic value:

– Excellent growth,

– Boars selected on their carcass qualities and their yield, for all outlets,

– Vigorous piglets at birth thanks to its NN profile (absence of the halothane sensitivity allele),

– a very lean boar, certified 99% odourless, suitable for the whole male market.

CriteriaAverage I.A. Station ValensGain (per pork butcher) compared to the
market average*
ADG> 1 100 g / day+ 24 g / day
MRPBack fat < 6.3 mm
Muscle thickness > 70.6 mm
+ 0,5 0.5 point of TMP
FCR< 2.09 points– 0.08 point
* Market average determined by the AXIOM 2019 terminal boar test (For more information on this test, please contact one of our sales representatives in France:

These improvements ensure an overall economic gain per pork butcher of at least €2.70!

The VALENS, adapted to standard markets, differentiated markets and whole males, ensures performance comfort and driving serenity. Customer breeders benefit from a real technical support offered by AXIOM.

The SCEA JOSSE, AXIOM selector, one of the production sites of VALENS

The SCEA JOSSE, located in Augan, Morbihan, is part of the AXIOM Group’s network of breeders. This air-filtered breeder-fattener farm has 3.5 MTU, 200 sows in 7 strips, with weaning at 28 days. The farm, with on-farm feed production, covers 170 hectares and produces cereals and protein crops.

During the press conference, Pascal JOSSE presented his farm, one of the production sites of the VALENS boar, and revealed the first boars intended for I.A. Station in the showcase of his breeding.